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OPICO Limited is the largest independent distributor of agricultural machinery with over five decades of experience and knowledge of the trade. 

The company was established in Essex in 1966 as the daughter company of the “OPpenheimer Intercontinental COrporation” an American agricultural machinery export business. The shortened OPICO name was used from the start for obvious reasons and has become synonymous with innovative concepts within the industry

OPICO introduced machinery lines such as Hesston to the UK as well as importing some of the first Round Balers, Retrofit Turbo Chargers and large Disc Harrows. However, the success of the company and the product that farmers knew OPICO for until recent years was based around the recirculating batch Grain Dryer.

The company was established and built up by Jeremy Coleclough who moved it first to Spalding and then to Bourne in Lincolnshire, to a purpose built 45,000sq/ft Grain Dryer assembly factory in 1984. In 1989 Jeremy became sole owner and ran the company until 2007 when he decided to retire after holding the reins for over four decades. Then, in 2007 James Woolway, the Sales Director at that time, bought out the OPICO trading company and became the new owner and in 2008 moved to a new 50,000sq/ft factory in Bourne where the company still resides today.

The Company
Over the years OPICO have become known as a company for innovation and this is very evident in the range today with many of the products being the first of their type in the UK. The company philosophy has always been to find something clever, different and beneficial to the farmer in the products that they sell.

OPICO have introduced concepts such as recirculating batch Drying, spring tine Grass Harrowing, Subsoiler Seeding of oilseed rape and latterly band application of liquid nitrogen at rape establishment to the UK.

Knowledge of Grassland and Arable Farming agronomy has also been a focus for OPICO over recent years in order to improve how the machines work and give more benefits to customers. Work with Masstock and Openfield on Oilseed Rape, and Limagrain, Growhow, UPL and ACT on the grassland side has allowed OPICO to learn from the collective sharing of knowledge. This in turn allows their staff to advise customers on not just the product but what they should be aiming to achieve and the best way to do so.


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