KUBOTA VS 750L Vari Spreader
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New KUBOTA VS 750L Vari Fertiliser Spreader

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The VS600-VS750 is the versatile spreader range which is popular for vineyards, golf courses and general farm applications.

Popular for General Farm Applications

The Kubota pendulum spreader is the first choice wherever the demand is for maximum spreading quality and ease of operation. With hopper capacities of 600, 800 and 1000 with the 600 hopper as a basic hopper and 750, 950, 1150, 1350 and 1650 litres with the 750 as a basic hopper, Kubota is offering you a wide range of different models and hopper capacities. Spreading along field edges and tram line border spreading is no problem at all – thanks to the border spreading plate and the tiltable headstock.

The Advantages

SuperFlow spreading system

Easy setting of the application rate

A wide range of spreading spouts

Optional PS-ED II on-board computer available

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750 litre capacity
Width - 175cm
Weight - 151kg
CAT - 2
Filling height - 96cm
Moulded hoppers
Rotary agitator

Pendulum spreading 6 -14m

Simple calibration and application rate setting
Manual control on/off
Hydraulic or Elec control on/off optional
Electronic control (option) automatically maintains application rate relevant to forward speed (wheel sensors incl in kit) 

540 pto
12v power supply (if electric spec)
1x s/a spool required (if hydraulic spec)

Options available:
Salt spreading kit
Lighting set (ISO)
Fine application kit
Calibration container
Tramline kit (hydraulically operated)
Hopper cover
Parking wheel kit
Spread width adjustment key
200 litre extension rim
600 litre extension rim
900 litre extension rim
Cable data-speed sensor

Nylon spout short 4 - 8m (13' - 26')
RH spreading spout in stainless steel
Band/row spreading stainless steel spout long 2 - 8m (6.5' - 26')
Stainless steel spout sand and salt short 2 - 4m (11' - 13')
Stainless steel spout sand and sale medium 5 - 6m (16' - 19')
Band/row spreading stainless steel spout short 0.75 - 4.5m (2.5' - 15')
Boundary spreading spout nylon left side

Short spout - used for small spreading widths 4 - 8m

Band spout - used for spreading in orchards 2 - 8m or for pesticides 0.75 - 4.5m

Sand/Salt/Grid spout - used for road construction and combating icy conditions 5 - 6m or 2 - 4m

A-symmetrical spout left/right - for orchards, green strips and fish farms 4 - 6m

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