KUBOTA SE3250 2.5m Flail Mower
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New KUBOTA SE3250 2.5m Flail Mower​


The Kubota SE3000 series is a compact and heavy duty machine for moderately demanding jobs in soft and top fruit orchards, vineyards and light undergrowth. It is equally perfect for tidying pasture and chopping straw and stubble after combine harvesting. The Kubota SE3000 is suitable for tractors up to 80 hp. It is available in 1.55m; 1.85m; 2.00m; 2.30m and 2.50m working width - this one is the 2.5m version.

Offset as standard (500mm) increases the versatility of this chopper and ensures safer working conditions. In addition, the standard roller and the skids support the chopper in keeping a constant working depth.

The design of the SE3000 series is modern and versatile; the latest generation rotor can be equipped with different types of blades, making the machine adaptable to most conditions. Highest rotor speeds (2160rpm) in combination with the counterknife and the double skin, guarantee an excellent shredding effect with minimal power requirement.

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The Advantages:

Compact heavy-duty machine

Solid construction for long life.

Minimal maintenance.

Wide choice of blades.

Sideways adjustment to manoeuvre around or under trees and bushes

Transport width 2.72m

Working width 2.5m

35-80 hp

5 belts with auto tensioner


Counter knife

Double skin

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