HeVa 8.2m Trailed Rolls
  • Product Code: 11014853

New HeVa 8.2m Trailed Rolls

Although designed to cope with the higher workloads of larger farms, the Swing Roller is still easy to handle and simple to fold whilst being capable of covering many acres in a day.

The rings are also mounted on 60mm axles with 4 bolt bearings. The two outside wing sections are supported by deep wing link folding mechanisms with an additional jump slot for increased floatation and for working field edges.

The clever design of all HE-VA Rolls ensures that tractor drawbar height variation (400-600mm) does not alter the performance of the Rolls

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  • New 8.2m Side folding 'tip' rolls
  • Cambridge 'breaker' rings

Below is a video that shows the in field operation of the Tip Roller.

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