AS-Motor engineers high grass and mulching mowers for professional operators and private customers alike. Their mowers are known for their exceptional quality and performance in extreme conditions, such as inclines reaching 35 degrees and in high grass and dense scrub.

Known around the world for our innovative technology, AS-Motor’s machines are 100% Made in Germany at our headquarters in Bühlertann.  We are particularly proud of our latest innovation: the AS 1040 YAK 4WD – our new professional ride-on flail-mower – which enables the mowing of extreme slopes while guaranteeing operator safety.

Mulching Mowers
A perfectly maintained lawn is possible more quickly than in the past. Mulching eliminates the need to stop and empty the collection bag as well as the cost and time-intensive process of cuttings disposal. Mulching also has environmental benefits, since the finely chopped grass returns to the lawn as natural fertiliser and protects against drying. The new generation of professional mulching mowers from AS-Motor provides these advantages with high performance and first-class cutting results.

The current trend in lawn mowing is mulching instead of collecting. Working without a collection bag saves time and money, as mulch provides a continuous, natural fertilising method. In addition, the sustainable layer of nutrients protects the lawn from drying out and the effects of heavy rain. Professional and modern lawn care services trust mulching mowers for a perfect lawn.

The mulching blade cleanly cuts high grass and simultaneously generates an airflow that uniformly whirls the cuttings in the mulching unit. The mulching blade’s multiple cutting edges chop and mulch the grass several times. The tiny grass particles then disappear into the turf, forming a layer of natural fertiliser. Mulching is sustainable and saves time.

Professional Lawn Mowers
Professional operators require tools that cut perfectly, collect perfectly and are easy to manoeuvre. These mowers should also have a long service life and rarely break down. AS-Motor’s range of professional lawn mowers perform on slopes and in grass up to 40 cm high, with spare parts available for many years and added safety features such as automatic braking.

AS-Motor develops and manufactures professional lawn mowers with robust and reliable technology, ensuring continuous performance under extreme conditions such as slopes and high grass. Our range of professional lawn mowers perform in a wide spectrum of tasks, with the choice between the legendary AS 2-stroke or 4-stroke engines and models with all-wheel drive, limited slip differential, traction drive and an automatic parking brake.

The AS 53 2T 4WD models are the only lawn mowers in the world with all-wheel drive and a 2-stroke engine that performs on slopes.

Pedestrian Brushcutters
Machines that mow grass and dense growth 60 – 150 cm high from the inventor of the Allmäher®. When equipped with a 2-stroke engine, the Allmäher performs where brush-cutters are typically used. The AS-Motor original since 1959.

For 60 years, Allmähers have been the solution when conventional mowers can go no further. AS-Motor’s founder Alfred Schefenacker recognised the problem faced by many winegrowers in the hills outside Stuttgart: mowing high grass on steep slopes. The inventor thus developed his own engine to power the first Allmäher, launching the company AS-Motor.

Since then a whole family of Allmähers has followed this robust three-wheeled meadow mower. AS-Motor provides a wide range of options depending on cutting widths and budget, but one thing remains constant: an Allmäher® must be robust, reliable, maneuverable and compact.

Engineered for high grass and dense growth on slopes, AS-Motor’s meadow mowers have earned a reputation of performance and reliability around the world in more than 30 countries. The Allmäher is still manufactured exclusively in Bühlertann in Baden-Württemberg.

Flail Mowers
Flail mowers are the tool of choice for professionals who often mow large areas in unknown terrain. The flail mower’s primary advantage is that in the event of unseen foreign objects, the flails simply give way. Flail mowers are thus universal tools suitable for high or low grass, scrub and dense growth. Perfect cutting results and a high work rate make AS-Motor’s flail mowers the first choice for professional operators.

Difficult terrain requires unique solutions. Our flail mowers master any challenge.

AS-Motor’s hand-guided flail mowers can be comfortably manoeuvred with two fingers thanks to single-wheel steering.

An optional remote-controlled flail mower AS 751 is a professional solution to extreme slopes. RC technology guarantees operator safety and convenience when mowing on inclines over 50 degrees.

Ride-on Mowers
Integrating the best of comfortable lawn tractor and high-performance, AS-Motor’s ride-on mowers have a low centre of gravity, off-road mobility and incredible cutting force. Available with all-wheel drive, a mulch kit and even remote-control technology, AS-Motor’s ride-on mowers are in a class by themselves.

Lawn tractors are not designed to mow meadows, and certainly not dense growth. Clogged mower decks, smoking belts and bent blades are often the result.

Thus AS-Motor created the ride-on mower which combines the comfort and the work rate of a lawn tractor with the cutting force and all-terrain mobility of AS-Motor’s well-known Allmäher. Essential design features include a stable blade system, drive gear ratios, a low centre of gravity and drive and cooling systems which ensure endurance and performance.

AS-Motor offers 9 different models depending on the operator’s needs. 2WD models are the right choice for agility and high work rates on level terrain, while the permanent all-wheel drive of the AS 940 Sherpa make it the preferred tool of landscape gardeners, municipalities and service providers on steep slopes and difficult terrain.

Although the ride-on mowers from AS-Motor are designed for meadows, high grass and rough terrain, they deliver excellent cutting results on lawns when equipped with a mulch kit.

Whether domestic, amenity, commercial, estate, agricultural, horticultural, viticulture or any other heavy duty application, call us to discuss the right machine for you and (if available and within our region) an onsite demonstration. 

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