• SR Powerspread Pro 3200 LWB
SR Powerspread Pro 3200 LWB
  • Product Code: sr3200a

New Shelbourne Reynolds Powerspread Pro 3200 LWB

Coming Soon 

-  NEW build
-  Manual Anti-bridge kit fitted
-  Extra greedy boards
-  650 tyres
-  Wide Angle PTO 

The Pro 3200 has a capacity of about 15 tonnes in solid manure– the concept behind its development being to boost capacity and increase discharge rate to bring it in line with the output expected from similarly sized rear discharge spreaders.

While the Pro 3200 is aimed primarily at the contractor and large scale livestock farmer.

The model employs a large diameter horizontal auger to convey material to the centrally positioned rotor which then powers it out to the right of the machine to create an even, 20m wide spread pattern. The use of  more vertical rather than sloping sides used in previous models, along with an agitator unit eliminates any tendency for material to bridge above the auger as the spreader empties.


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