SR Powerspread Pro 2300 SWB
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New Shelbourne Reynolds Powerspread Pro 2300 (SWB)

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The Powerspread Pro SWB (Short Wheelbase)  is a side discharge spreader with overshot impellor as found on the Powerspread Dairy but with unique new features.

Maintenance time is dramatically reduced by the standard fitment of a localised greasing system, this groups grease points that are difficult to access. The Powerspread Pro (SWB) comes as standard on 23.1 26 tyres which are mounted on 40 kmh hydraulically braked axles to match the speeds of modern tractors.

These features all combine to give the Powerspread Pro (SWB) the ability to give a high work rate with fast and efficient spreading. Two sizes are available in 1800 and 2300 gallons.

The shortwheelbase pro range replaced the long serving Contractor range in 2011. Both the short and long wheelbase Powerspread Pro's share the same driveline using 1 3/4 inch heavy duty chain to drive the single speed auger. Shear bolts have been uprated from 6mm on the Contractor to 10mm on the Pro and the drive is generally able to transmit significantly more power which will give greater workrates if required.The drive line also has a reverse drive fitted to help clear any obstructions inside the spreader, this coupled with the hydraulic drop down drip tray and impellor will ensure that any obstructions can be removed quickly and spreading can continue with minimal time loss.

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Standard Features

Hydraulic operated side door
Hydraulically operated anti bridging arm
Reversible auger
Shearbolt protection for the auger, discharge rotor and auger paddles
Wide angle PTO
Hydraulic drop down rotor
Front & Rear Slurry Canopy
Adjustable slurry deflector
Rotor drip tray
Reversible Hardox rotor wear plates
Wooden side extension
Hydraulic Brakes
Rear Ladder
Tyres – 620/75 R26
LED Road Lights

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