Honda FG201 Tiller/Rotavator
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New HONDA FG201 Tiller / Rotavator

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It is powered by an extremely powerful 4-stroke OHV GXV50 engine which produces fewer emissions and is highly fuel efficient making it environmentally friendly. Not only that, but it is also neighbourhood friendly thanks to the low noise engine.

The FG201 tiller is great for a heavy load thanks to the worm gear transmission which provides more torque than the common screw gear used on other brands.

Weighing only 17 kg, this lightweight tiller is easy to manoeuvre and simple to use. With a maximum tilling width of 300 mm and a maximum tilling depth of 230 mm, this tiller will take away the hard work when it comes to maintaining your vegetable garden or over-grown areas. The rotor diameter is 220mm, which means that light, intricate work is made easy.

The handles are easily folded down so there's no need to worry about storage space. There is also minimal vibration which comes through the handles in order to relieve strain on the users arms and hands during prolonged use. Transport wheels are provided as standard so that moving the tiller is not a hassle.


Honda customers deserve complete peace of mind when purchasing their machines, which is why Honda tillers are supported with one of the longest and most comprehensive warranties in the industry. This tiller comes with a lengthy 5 year warranty (subject to annual service and if used in a domestic environment). When used in a professional environment it comes with a 1 year warranty.

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