KELLFRI XKH185 Mounted 1.85m Flail Mower
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New KELLFRI XKH185 Mounted 1.85m Flail Mower

Flail mower 1.85 m with hydraulic side shift adjustment and openable flap

• Openable flap

 • Strong chassis

 • Hydraulic side shift adjustment

 • SKF ball bearings

 • Working width 1.85 m

Versatile flail mower with sturdy chassis and SKF ball bearings for 35-65 hp tractors

The flail mowers in our X series are built to face tougher challenges such as rough terrain with saplings and stubble. The mowers are designed to cope with the demanding work they are exposed to. Our machines in the X series are equipped with sturdy chassis, SKF ball bearings, openable flap and side shift adjustment as standard.

The fast rotation speed ensures that the forged hammer flails can easily hack and cut all types of material, giving you a dependable machine that is efficient for large material flows.

Our XKH185 flail mower is a powerful machine for those of you who have high performance demands but are looking for a smaller and more versatile machine. Adapted for tractors between 35-65 hp. The working width is 1.85 m, making it practical for flailing, topping or cutting small or medium-sized grasslands and grassed areas. The flail mower has a coarse-toothed welded counter bar in the chassis to break up the grass more effectively.

Adjustable support roller and 22 hammer flails

The cutting height is adjusted by the support roller and skids. The adjustable support roller guarantees a correct cutting height on uneven ground. The cutting height can be adjusted between 0-80 mm, enabling you to cut the grass close to the ground and thus achieve a more level result. The grass is evened out and the remnants moulder away faster. The support roller has a scraping iron to keep the roller free from cut material. 

The front of the flail mower is fitted with chain guards that adapt to the substrate and protect both the tractor and the surroundings from stone chipping and grass spray.

The flail mower is fitted as standard with hammer flails. There are 22 flails in total, ensuring that the grass is broken up. The flail mower is also adapted for Y-flails, which can be purchased additionally (not included).

Hydraulic side shift adjustment and openable flap

This flail mower is equipped as standard with hydraulic side shift adjustment, which enables you to shift the machine to the left or right. The side shift adjustment means that you can cut at the side of your tractor and thereby reach areas that would otherwise be difficult to reach. The hydraulic side shift adjustment enables you to drive with just one pair of wheels in the uncut area and cut closer to ditches, fences, etc.

The mower has an openable flap. You open the flap when you know you are cutting or topping ground that generates a higher flow of material. This enables you to drive freely under the same conditions as with a closed flap and a normal flow of material. You save on fuel and reduce wear on the belts, and you can also operate at a higher speed, as the grass does not become twisted around the roller. The grass is also spread more evenly.

The flail mower's chassis is made of 5 mm thick steel, and the side plate is 6 mm thick.

The flail mower is supplied with a PTO drive shaft, transmission oil, hydraulic cylinder and hydraulic hoses as standard.

The mower requires one double-acting hydraulic outlet on the tractor. The flail mower is supplied with two hydraulic ½ inch, quick coupling male hoses.

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More Information

Working width 1850 mm

Chassis 5/6 mm steel

Engine Power 35 - 65 hp

Colour Yellow/grey, powder coated

Belts 3 x XPB1065

Cutting height 0 - 80 mm

L x W x H 2020 x 820 x 630 mm

Rotor speed at 540 rpm 2336 rpm

Side shift adjustment Hydraulic

Flails 22 hammer flails (R35-XKH.095)

Three-point linkage Cat 1 & 2

PTO speed 540 rpm

Weight 392 kg

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