SlurryKat DODA slurry pump
  • Product Code: 11015189

New SlurryKat HD35 DODA Slurry Pump with Headland Management

This innovative and unique system allows the operator of the umbilical system in the spreading field to stop flow to the applicator completely by closing the gate valve on the spread for an unlimited period of time with no risk of bursts in the hose or a failure anywhere in the pipeline, provided the pipeline and couplings are in suitable working condition.

This is all done fully automatically by the umbilical pump, there is restricted return to the slurry tank which means that there is no risk of "hydraulic shock" on the pump impeller or gearbox which can cause fatal damage to the pump if a sudden pressure drop is experienced and will also cause the pump to lose its suction “prime”.

The pump performance and operation does not change in any way when the Headland Management system is activated - totally safe solution.

This system is totally self-powered from the hydraulics of the Doda HD pumps own oil gearbox cooling system which is totally unique and the only such self-powered system on the market.

The pressure system is totally automatic and requires no input from the operator once it has been set up on the job.