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Download Jeantil Slurry Tanker Brochure pdf here

The benchmark for performance and multiple use from 12500 to 15500 litres : allows a complete emptying of all products, better filling in a safe way, possibility of using an accelerator or pumping turbine (central, TURBOMAX and 'Virgule' arm Ø 200 mm).

A complete range of spreading solutions with the GT range: ground level nozzles, conical, exact or precision EZ (Ø 150 mm) nozzles, T bi-nozzles with 2 outlets (Ø 150 mm), ramp with nozzles, spades, or hanging, injector with square or Vibroflex tines, or with single or double row discs, grinder-distributor Dosimat or Exacut, DPAE with inductive flowmeter.


The limits of disc injection stretched with a working width from 3.3 to 5.7 m : from 11 to 19 discs (inter-row 30 cm), special for grassland, possibility of using a grinder-distributor, emptying rate from 5 m³/ha, high quality of work, quality crosswise distribution above 10 m³/ha, side dispersal of slurry up to 15 cm, work depth from 6 to 10 cm, no more odours or nitrogen losses.

Precise spreading and work rate with any kind of products with a working width from 12 to 24 m : from 40 to 96 outlets according to the model, possibility of using 1 or 2 Exacut grinder-distributors, emptying rate starting from 9 m³/ha, high quality of work, quality crosswise distribution above 10 m³/ha, reduced odours.



Your needs in electrohydraulic controls is conditioned by the number of tractor connections available, the number of cylinder functions, motor functions as well as the flow rate necessary for your machine.


BASIC control box:

Allows to control all the electrohydraulic and electric functions of the slurry tanker.




BASIC control box including an automatic spreading regulation in volume per hectare and a colour display with counter




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