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Installation of a new RTV X1110

Our customer in East Somerset was very pleased to be receiving his new Kubota RTV X1110 this morning. Some bright sunshine - in an otherwise horrendous wet day. He has always raved about how his original RTV 900 has been the backbone of his days, whether fencing, feeding, haulage or just general estate maintenance. With a bigger engine, more hp and a revised suspension, he's sure to find a whole load more uses for it.

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The all-new RTV X1110 offers greater power and more versatility thanks to a powerful and...


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A change of disc-based cultivator has paid dividends at Welbeck Estates.

"Being able to tweak the working depth without compromising the quality of the job is brilliant"


With a broad range of soil types and a fairly diverse rotation, Welbeck Estates which straddles the borders of Nottinghamshire and Derbyshire, needs a comprehensive line-up of tillage tools to ensure it can get crops established in all conditions.


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Normally sowings are split 50:50 between autumn and spring. But poor weather last spring, and an early maize harvest have tipped the balance to more autumn sowings this year. A one-man business, Ralph Sainsbury has taken this in his stride. His machinery set-up delivers speed accuracy, and this together with his knowledge of seeds, ensures success.

This year Ralph will have sown over 1500 acres, a combination of reseeding into cultivated soils, overseeding into worn leys, and establishing catch crops and cover crops into stubble.

Ralph makes the point that "The OPICO Grass Master is also very good for overseeding catch crops...

Suffolk farmer, Will Hitchcock, has opted for a pellet applicator mounted on rolls for more targeted slug pellet application

Moving from a run-of-the-mill quad-mounted spinner to a specialist pellet applicator on a set of heavy rolls has revolutionised slug control for one Suffolk grower, Will Hitchcock, Hitchcock Farms.

Will comments "One critical part that is easily overlooked is the rolls but they are actually much more important than they are often given credit for.  Not only do they ensure even crop establishment, in producing a tight seedbed, they make it more difficult for slugs to thrive and help to ensure the efficacy...


While the introduction of cover crops has been a further boost to soil health at Wistaton Farm in Herefordshire, Farm Manager Steve Klenk is also ensuring seed and establishment costs are kept to a minimum.

Steve comments "We are using the Disc Roller as the primary cultivator on fresh stubble.  The discs move all the ground and loosen the soil.  We only need to go down  1.5 in as we are not trying to alleviate compaction - going deeper is just using more diesel.  The depth control on the machine is very good.  The roller does a good job of consolidation and leaves a level finish.


Using the HE-VA Disc...

Highwood are pleased to announce that we will be dealers/distributors for the Trilo range of leaf & litter vacuums, sweepers, flail collectors and tractor mounted blowers for Councils, Schools, Golf Courses, Large Estates & Groundcare Contractors for Dorset & Somerset. For more info, please contact our Groundcare Team or visit their website at 



Even after 150 strikes of the guillotine, the HE-VA roller ring is left undamaged. Photo by NilehnTeknik.

HE-VA cast steel 620mm roller rings, with 10 spokes, were the strongest and most robust in trials carried out by Swedish machinery magazine, NielehnTeknik.

The research looked at roller rings from three different agricultural machinery manufacturers, including HE-VA. The strength of the rings was put to the test by mounting them in an axis under a guillotine, where a heavy block was plunged down onto the ring from a height of 70 and 90cms, with 96 and 156 tons of weight respectively.

The HE-VA cast steel roller ring was...

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