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Contact our Team on: 01305 266058    or   email: 
Andrew Phillips:           07786 991203,   or
Robin Woods:                07795 294580

Baroness UK
Celebrating over 100 years of success, Baroness has been providing the highest quality turf maintenance equipment by emphasizing customers’ needs to manufacture products that are beneficial for consumer, community and environment. Baroness was founded in 1910. In the 1950s, Baroness entered the golf business. As the Japanese golf industry grew, so did Baroness.

Baroness has always emphasized the quality of its products as a priority and has contributed to the greenkeeper’s goal of creating the ideal turf. Baroness’ emphasis on quality has been well recognized by its customers not only in Japan and the UK but also in other world markets. Currently Baroness is being used and distributed in over 15 countries worldwide.

Baroness has invested significantly in cutting technology, most notably in its bottom blades and cylinders, and has succeeded in achieving the highest level cutting quality and durability in the market.

LM Series - cylinder mowers
LM56GC pedestrian mower                                   LM315GC ride-on greens mower                            LM2400 ride-on outfront triple   
LM66TC pedestrian mower                                    LM281 ride-on 4wd triplex mower                         LM551 ride-on outfront fairway mower
LM101 floating head greens mower                   LM285 ride-on 4wd fairway/rough mower          LM2700 ride-on outfront 5 deck fairway mower
LM331 ride-on greens trim mower                      LM180C ride-on classic triple                                   LM3210 ride-on outfront HD mower
TR50 pedestrian greens mower transport trailer

GM series - rotary mowers
GM2810 ride-on outfront 5 deck mower            GM1700 ride-on contour deck trim & surrounds mower

HM series - flail mower
HM1560K tracked hammer knife mower

GC series
SP05A ride-on 3wd bunker rake
TDA1200 rear mounted greens aerator
TDA1600 rear mounted sports pitch & playing fields aerator

If you would like to discuss your turf, course, sports or playing field requirements, then please do contact us.
Machine demonstrations are possible.
(Demonstrators available on request)


For any queries you may have, please do contact our Team on: 

tel: 01305 266058

Andrew Phillips:           07786 991203
Robin Woods:             07795 294580

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