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HE-VA 3m Combi-Disc

HE-VA 3m Combi-Disc
HE-VA 3m Combi-Disc HE-VA 3m Combi-Disc
Brand: HE-VA
Product Code: 11014848
SKU: 11014848
Location: Dorchester
Weight: 4,620.00kg
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NEW OPICO / HE-VA 3m Trailed Combi-Disc

- 2.75m working width

- 3m transport width

- 5 legs with 22 discs

- 700mm roller diameter

- 180-240hp target requirement

- 4620kgs weight

The HE-VA Combi-Disc is a multipurpose cultivator designed to subsoil, surface cultivate and consolidate in one pass. The 3m version can be used on tractors from 180hp upwards.

The Combi-Disc provides versatility for smaller farms by being able to perform a number of different jobs from primary to secondary cultivation and from subsoiling to shallow disc cultivating. Equally the trailed machines are at home being used as shallow stale seedbed preparation on 180hp tractors or working up to 350mm (14”) deep moving the whole soil profile from the surface down on high hp tractors. Adaptability and ease of adjustment are standard features throughout the range.

The Combi-Disc is designed with the operator in mind, it can be used as a subsoiler with the discs lifted out of work, a set of discs with the legs lifted up or as a complete one pass soil cultivator. Furthermore, all of this is possible without leaving the seat of the tractor. Once the Combi-Disc has been set level the first time it is used the components of the machine can all be hydraulically adjusted from the tractor seat allowing minute changes to settings to be made whilst in work. 

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