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Marshall 14.5t Grain Trailer

Marshall 14.5t Grain Trailer
Marshall 14.5t Grain Trailer Marshall 14.5t Grain Trailer Marshall 14.5t Grain Trailer Marshall 14.5t Grain Trailer Marshall 14.5t Grain Trailer Marshall 14.5t Grain Trailer Marshall 14.5t Grain Trailer Marshall 14.5t Grain Trailer Marshall 14.5t Grain Trailer
Brand: Marshall
Product Code: 21014603
Location: Dorchester
Weight: 0.00kg
Inc VAT: £15,594.00
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Used MARSHALL QM/1400 14.5t Grain Trailer

  • 2016 build
  • 14.5t Capacity
  • 400-60R x 22.5 10 stud High Speed Commercial Tandem Axles
  • 120mm diameter - 420 x 180 brakes
  • Sprung Drawbar
  • Hydraulic Up & Over Grain Door
  • Mudguards
  • Front Inspection Ladder
  • Air and Hydraulic Brakes
  • Heavy Duty Roll Over Cover 1000g PVC with side straps
  • LED Lighting

The Marshall QM/1400 was introduced in 2012, with a shorter, deeper body to create a more compact machine that can be more easily manoeuvred than its counterpart the QM/14. It maintains the same excellent build, design and specification as the QM/14; the only difference is the dimensions. The body is constructed with 4mm sides and a 5mm flat floor, complete with a generous number of spacers and bearers to guarantee durability and strength. The flat floor also prevents premature rusting of the trailer, since there are no joints for water to sit in. In addition to this the body of the trailer is tapered as standard to allow loads to be safely discharged without the risk of them sticking in the trailer. The cubic capacity of the trailer is also very substantial, allowing larger loads and accordingly improving a customer’s efficiency. On top of this the QM/1400 also has the benefit of twin industrial chrome rams, removing the problem of corrosion and improving reliability of the trailer.

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The chassis on the trailer is Marshall’s own unique design, providing the perfect blend of strength and flex. The chassis is formed from a 6mm sheet welded over a heavy-duty channel, providing immense strength and simultaneously allowing the chassis to flex. It is for this reason a Marshall trailers’ chassis is the market leader, and ensures a Marshall trailer can take on the most intensive and challenging jobs without any complications. The tipping points on a QM/1400 have a diameter of 50mm and are fully bushes, helping to prevent any twisting to the trailer body.

Furthermore the QM/1400 is also fitted with 420 x 180 S Cam 10 stud commercial axles as standard; perfect for road work and carrying heavy loads. These are the same axles that are fitted to HGVs and not 10 stud industrial axles, which would provide inferior performance and braking. Compare the facts when you purchase your next trailer; choose a Marshall QM/14 with its 10 stud commercial axles as standard.

Finally the QM/1400 also benefits from a standard hydraulic up & over grain door and spring drawbar to improve efficiency and practicality. The hydraulic door allows loads to quickly be discharged without the tractor operator having to leave the tractor and the spring drawbar provides a significantly smoother ride when travelling at higher speeds.

The standard Marshall high-quality build coupled with standard commercial axles means the QM/1400 can handle serious use, without letting you down.


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